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Manutea Vanilla Rum 40°


Manutea Rum, a drink "Made in Tahiti"

The Vanilla Rum comes from a fermentation of molasses (2nd juice of sugar cane at low temperature), a double distillation and maceration in oak barrel, which gives the Manutea's rums all their originality and their power.
Tahitian Vanilla offers this range of unique and 100% Polynesian flavors.

Tamure Punch Vanilla Rum


Typical flavors and fragrances of Polynesian paradise

Distilled rum on the Eugenie s'Atimaono domain at Papara by the last descendant sugar cane planter of the first Chinese ariivés 150 years ago.
It is made with Tahitian vanilla extract and cane sugar syrup.
From this union, shows the day flavors and scents typical of Polynesian paradise.

Pure Rum White Cane Juice -...


For a Tahitian Summer !

Harvested by hand, canes are grown in the utmost respect for the environment.
After being crushed, the juice obtained delivers all the flavors of our terroir.

Fermented for 36h, the vesou is ready and title 7 °.
Doubly distilled, the juice delivers us its fine aromas of licorice, pear and mint.

White Farm Rum Manutea Tahiti 40 ° will bring a refined and fruity touch to your favorite long cocktail drinks : punch, mojito, cocktails.

Pure Rum White Cane Juice -...


Pure Rum White Cane Juice: Best Rum Awards Paris 2018

Made from pure Taha'a Cannes juice, Pure Rum White Cane Juice 50% delivers the secrets of the Polynesian terroir.

Distilled on the sister island of Tahiti, the Société Manutea Tahiti Moorea.

The sugar canes of Tahaa are grown in the utmost respect for the environment.

Once grown, they are crushed and squeezed to harvest the juice.

The vesou is traditionally distilled in an alembic that allows a selection of aromas.

To diversify your alcoholic preparation, also fall for for Pure Rum White Cane Juice - 40 °

Tamure Punch Ginger and Rum


The Moux distillery was founded in 1992 on the Eugenie d'Atimaono domain in Papara, by the last cane-sugar planter descended from the first Chinese who arrived 150 years ago.
It is made with natural Tahitian ginger juice and cane sugar syrup.