Tamure Rum

The creation of the Tamure Rum

A pioneer in the reintroduction of Tahitian rum since 1991, the Moux distillery is reviving the exploration of sugar cane on the Atimaono estate. The distillery Moux, won a silver medal at the International Agricultural Show in 2018. After an initiatory trip to the West Indies, David Moux develops his own manufacturing process.
Thus is born Tamure Rum from this unique and artisanal know-how combined with a pure rock water. At Tamure Rhum, the frank and atypical flavors harmonize with a round and unctuous texture just as rhythm and sensuality combine in the traditional dance that has given it its name.

Orange Liqueur & Rum Tamure...

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A subtle marriage of tropical flavors

Discover the delicious combination of traditional Tahitian rum and organic wild orange liqueur with an ounce of cane sugar.
This exotic union gives birth to a sweet nectar.
The Moux distillery, won a silver medal at the International Agricultural Show in 2018.

Tamure Punch Ginger and Rum


The Moux distillery was founded in 1992 on the Eugenie d'Atimaono domain in Papara, by the last cane-sugar planter descended from the first Chinese who arrived 150 years ago.
It is made with natural Tahitian ginger juice and cane sugar syrup.

Tamure Punch Vanilla Rum


Typical flavors and fragrances of Polynesian paradise

Distilled rum on the Eugenie s'Atimaono domain at Papara by the last descendant sugar cane planter of the first Chinese ariivés 150 years ago.
It is made with Tahitian vanilla extract and cane sugar syrup.
From this union, shows the day flavors and scents typical of Polynesian paradise.

Tamure Vanilla Syrup


Amber and sweet ! Dedicated to lovers of Vanilla Tahiti !

Vanilla Tahitensis and its naturalness

Derived from mother-to-daughter recipe, Tamure Vanilla Syrup was made from Vanilla seeds and extracts.
Find all the flavor and fragrance of this precious spice in this syrup ...