Delices des Tropiques

Assortment of teas

€16.11 -25% €12.09

For a moment full of flavor...

Noa-Noa means enchanting perfume in Tahitian, so discover our assortment of different teas with Polynesian flavours (passion fruit, coconut, mango & vanilla).

Thanks to their delicate smells and tastes, these different teas will transport you to the islands and make you live a sumptuous moment.

Coconut Cookies

€8.53 -50% €4.27

For an exotic break...

Delicious NOA NOA NOA cookies with coconut and Tahitian vanilla, for an exquisite moment of exoticism that will transport you to Polynesia.
As an accompaniment to tea or coffee, these biscuits will be ideal for your relaxing breaks.

Coconut-flavored coffee

€15.17 -25% €11.37

For an exotic break...

Enjoy a unique coffee experience with our coconut roasted coffee in Tahiti that will transport you to the heart of Polynesia.
Well balanced and with a subtle coconut taste, let yourself be tempted for a pleasant and delicate moment on any occasion.

Coffee vanilla flavour

€15.17 -25% €11.37

For a gentle coffee break...

Let yourself be tempted by a unique coffee break with our vanilla-flavoured coffee roasted in Tahiti, which will offer you a moment of delicacy and lightness.
This well-balanced coffee with a subtle vanilla taste will transport you to Polynesia.

Vanilla Cookies

€8.53 -35% €5.55

For a sweet break...

Delicious NOA NOA vanilla flavoured biscuits, discover the softness and delicacy of vanilla in these biscuits, for a trip to the heart of Tahiti.

As an accompaniment to a hot drink or as a snack, these biscuits will be ideal for a pleasant and exquisite break.

Vanilla flavoured tea can

€16.11 -25% €12.09

A taste of heaven...

Let yourself be transported to the Polynesian islands with this Tahitian vanilla-flavoured tea that will make you spend a delicate and enchanting moment.

With its subtle vanilla taste, this tea is ideal for a pleasant wake-up in the morning or a delicate break in the evening.

Vanilla paste


A little Tahiti on your plates...

Discover our NOA NOA NOA vanilla paste. This is ideal for all kinds of culinary preparations or in your pastries and pancakes.
You can also let yourself be tempted for an exotic touch in your cocktails.
This dough will give you a taste of the islands and transport you on a trip to paradise.