Essential Oils

Les huiles essentielles ne s'appliquent pas à l'état pur sur la peau. Elles peuvent être mélangées à tout type de préparation, que ce soit des huiles, des crèmes, des bases, des beurres ou des cires. Elles sont très efficaces en diffusion atmosphérique.

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Grapefruit Essential Oil


The essential oil of grapefruit is full of benefits for the body and the mind ...

Grapefruit essential oil is mainly used in atmospheric diffusion for its fresh and fruity scent, and like all essential oils, for its natural antiseptic properties.
It's a real air purifier and refreshing! But the essential oil of grapefruit is full of benefits for the body and the mind ...
It stimulates the appetite, promotes muscle relaxation, which generates relaxation and promotes sleep.
Grapefruit essential oil is extremely effective in treating and fighting skin conditions and reducing ailments. (care of greasy hair, acne, wounds, aging of the skin, ...).

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil


The Queen of Flowers

Because of its beauty and properties, Ylang-Ylang is nicknamed the "Queen of Flowers". Ylang-Ylang produces yellow flowers whose fragrance is sweet, warm, flowery, sweet and terribly exotic. Some even call it "heady". It is flowers of Ylang-Ylang that are distilled by the precious essential oil whose medicinal and cosmetic qualities are widely recognized (atmospheric diffusion or local application): anti-stress, relaxing and aphrodisiac, it qualifies also invigorating for skin and hair care.