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Can't get to Tahiti? Then let Tahiti come to you, via our gourmet store filled with exclusive products imported directly from her islands.
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Tahitian Beer Hinano


Hinano beer

The most popular alcohol in Polynesia !

Hinano is a beer brand produced in Tahiti by the Tahiti brewery. It is by far the most popular brand in French Polynesia .
Hinano beer is a luxury blond beer, golden color and a thin layer of white foam .
Basic fermentation, it is drawn to 5% alcohol.
It reveals a strong bitterness pronounced at the end of the mouth.

Pineapple Juice 100 % -...


Painapo is the flagship product of the Rotui's range !

It is 100% pure squeezed juice, with no added sugar, appreciated for its flavor and its unequaled taste thanks to the famous pineapple "Queen Tahiti" and rewarded in 2010 by the silver medal at the general agricultural competition of Paris.
From the generous land of Moorea, the "Queen Tahiti" pineapple is a magnificent fruit with very juicy and vitamin-rich  (A, B, C and bromelain) whose taste qualities are unanimously recognized.

Tahiti drink - The original


Tahiti Drink, the Punch of our islands par excellence!

Tahiti Drink is the alliance of our delicious Pineapple Queen Tahitian juice accompanied by a touch of fruit of Passion Juice, a zest of Orange, the delicacy of the Vanilla and the finesse of our alcohol distilled at the factory of juice of Fruits de Moorea.
This Rotui alcoholic cocktail, original taste of Polynesian hospitality, is ideal to give a festive touch to all the occasions to meet up with friends.

Manutea Guava Jam


A note of sweetness and gluttony

In a creamy and generous recipe, 100% puree of guava, find all the passion of the know-how of Manutea Tahiti ...

A concentrate of this tropical fruit with musky fragrance and incomparable sweetness. Spread over complete pain, Manutea Guava Jam remind you of Polynesia's captivating and sweet warmth.

Manutea Pineapple Jam


Luxuriant and generous Polynesian nature gifts an amazing tropical fruits variety.
Sweet and perfumed by nature these fruits ripen thanks the sun burning.

After picking, they are pefect for jam respecting polynesain "mama" 's production secrets.

The "Queen Tahiti" variety cultivated in Moorea is famous all around the world for its excepetional texture and its natural sweet and perfumed taste.

Cookbook - Teheiura Teahui...


Exoticism, generosity and simplicity.

Enjoy a "culinary adventure" with Chef Teheiura.

Discover as follows :
- 40 Polynesian-inspired recipes
- Teheiura's little extras and favorites ;
- A lexicon reo mä'ohi, tahitian language for non-French speakers...

Manutea Mango And Pineapple...


Luxuriant and generous Polynesian nature gifts an amazing tropical fruits variety. Sweet  and perfumed by nature these fruits ripen thanks the sun burning.After picking, they are pefect for jam respecting polynesain "mama" 's production secrets.

Cookbook - Polynesian...


This cookbook composed "for four hands" to open the appetite of the essential things: the simplicity, the taste and the know-how for a long time proven.

Jean-Pierre Desperiers reveals here his art of the good food, the preparation of the dishes the most varied in the training of plates without omitting the agreement of a wine duly selected. And the magic operates ... letting show itself the cooked food, to make salivate us. In devotee promoter of the local products, who this time became allied the talents and the papillae of Taina, his daughter, he gives free rein to his creativity which invites in the journey between a French bouquet and flavors islanders of the Polynesia.

Manutea Mango Jam

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Start your day with gourmet notes!

Succumb for the authenticity of Tahitian Mango, through this onctuous and tasty jam. Find the paradise islands of Polynesia in this generous and sweet jam.

Manutea jams are known for their traditional recipe flavored with the scent of the islands !

Manutea Papaya And...


Papaya and Pineapple, invite you to your table !

Manutea Papaya Pineapple Jam, is a concentrate of tropical fruits origins of Polynesia. The sweetness of the papaya and the majestic energy of the pineapple bring a sumptous tast. Reflecting the passion and know-how of Tahitian families, this Manutea jam with a very exotic flavor reflects the naturalness of the fruits.