Retrouvez tous nos coffrets réalisés par nos soins sur différents thèmes et occasions.  N’hésitez pas à les offrir car ces coffrets sont soigneusement conçus pour cela.

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Moana Beauty Box

€23.70 -16% €20.00

For a perfumed moment...

Moana Beauty Box, a perfect friend to nourish, repair, and perfume your skin.

In simple moisturization or in intensive care for the hair it will be an ideal and practical partner for the short stays!
From Monoî Sublime to dry oil Monoi Sublime, through 3 very exotics fragrances: Vanilla, Tiare and Fleurs des Lagons.

Vahine beauty box

€52.00 -20% €41.60

1,2,3 Shine !

Discover our "Vahine beauty" box! Enjoy the different textures and scents of our milk and scented oils ...

A perfect selection of Tahitian products based on Monoï de Tahiti for the body and hair : Before, during and after exposure to the sun for soft skin, nourished, golden and sublimated hair to be able to shine throughout the year!

Sun beauty box - Te Mahana Box

€63.50 -23% €49.00

Focus on our Te Mahana Box !

A perfect selection of body & hair care products : before, during and after sun exposure.
Appreciate the different textures and fragrances of our milks and scented oils ...
For a soft, nourished, golden and sublimated skin and healthy hair !

Offer Hinano Beer Pack !

From €42.00

Fall for the Hinano Pack that suits you better !

Pack of 4, Pack of 6 or Pack of 12 Hinano beer, you have the choice !
Discover our Hinano goodies to the delight of fans of the famous brand ! Mug, glass, or Hinano bottle opener ... and much more !

Made in Tahiti in the Punaruu Valley, on the most modern production site of the South Pacific Islands, Hinano beer is the most famous alcohol of Tahiti and makes the freedom of the Polynesians! Beer is a luxury beer, low fermentation, golden color, drawn with 5% alcohol, bitterness.

She has been awarded international prizes.

Maori Box - For Men

€43.20 -19% €35.00

Happy father's day Dad !

Discover our Maori Box special box Father's Day, guaranteed escape ...

A sober and perfumed care box, an invitation in a polynesien travel, for men.
Enriched with Monoi of Tahiti, these products will give you a moment of pure pleasure and escape in the sun and in the shower.
For relaxing after a beautifull day, two Hinano beers to savouring alone or sharing with friends.

And to unwind after a nice day, two Hinano beers to enjoy alone or to share.

Buy Three Perfumed Monoi...

€27.60 -25% €20.70

News on Tahitian Secrets !

Frangipani, Coconut, Vanilla, Lagoons Flowers, Pineapple, or Ylang Ylang !
Perfect to body care, it softens and protects all skin types. 
You can also enjoy relaxing as a massage oil, bath oil, or all summer as a tanning oil with no protection.
Used in hair care remedial and protective, she reveals the brilliance and shine of dry, damaged hair. 

3 Perfumed Monoi Oils bought, get one other for free !