The Rotui brand comes from the fruit juice company Moorea, which produces a wide variety of tropical fruit juices and offers 100% fruit, exotic and fresh fragrances.
It continues to innovate through new and varied formulas thanks to new fragrances.

Pineapple Juice 100 % -...


Painapo is the flagship product of the Rotui's range !

It is 100% pure squeezed juice, with no added sugar, appreciated for its flavor and its unequaled taste thanks to the famous pineapple "Queen Tahiti" and rewarded in 2010 by the silver medal at the general agricultural competition of Paris.
From the generous land of Moorea, the "Queen Tahiti" pineapple is a magnificent fruit with very juicy and vitamin-rich  (A, B, C and bromelain) whose taste qualities are unanimously recognized.

Tahiti drink - The original


Tahiti Drink, the Punch of our islands par excellence!

Tahiti Drink is the alliance of our delicious Pineapple Queen Tahitian juice accompanied by a touch of fruit of Passion Juice, a zest of Orange, the delicacy of the Vanilla and the finesse of our alcohol distilled at the factory of juice of Fruits de Moorea.
This Rotui alcoholic cocktail, original taste of Polynesian hospitality, is ideal to give a festive touch to all the occasions to meet up with friends.

Tahiti drink Punch Mango...


Taste the Tahiti Drink Punch Mango Banana well fresh, all year round !

Tahiti Drink Punch Mango Banana is the creaminess of Mango and Banana combined with the vivacity of Orange and Passion Fruit,
all enhanced with a hint of Vanilla and mixed with rum Manutea Tahiti distilled at the Moorea plant.