The Rea Tahiti is a spontaneous and widespread plant in French Polynesia. The natives have been cultivated it for thousands of years. In Tahiti and the Marquesas islands, we used the rhizome (underground tuber) to dye textiles with a beautiful vivid and bright yellow. Read More

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High Protection Milk SPF 30


A perfect Polynesian tanning ....  !

With its innovative combination of sunscreens and natural nacres, this milk offers optimal and long-lasting protection against sunburn and skin aging, while nourishing and beautifying your skin.

With its balanced formula of natural sunscreens and mother-of-pearl High Protection Milk SPF 30 offers optimal moisturizing UV protection while helping to preserve photo-aging.

Inspired by traditional Polynesian healing, its formula is enriched with natural sources of antioxidants.

Main Ingredients

- Tahiti Monoï with Oceania Saffron
- UVA / UVB Filters - Natural Nacres
- Tiare Perfume

Tanning Monoï Oil - No...


The Tanning Monoï Oil - No Protection combines the qualities of Monoi de Tahiti moisturizing with the tanning virtues of Oceanian saffron, also known as Rea Tahiti.

Without sunscreen, it provides a deep tan, giving to the skin a golden and smooth tan, while moisturizing deeply and lastingly.
It can also be used as daily care to hydrate and to magnify your tan.


Poe Ra'i Dry Body Oil


In Tahitian, Poe Ra'i praises the birth of the pearl of Tahiti in two exceptional Polynesian atolls, Takapoto and Takaroa, famous for the quality of their pearls.
This body oil, by its color, is the expression of the sun of the Tuamotu archipelago and the brilliance of the pearl of Tahiti.
Its "gray veil of pearls", arousing sensuality and refinement, is a real invitation to sublimate the skin.

Born from the creations of the Cosmetic Academy, the first challenge of cosmetic creations in France, the Formulator Laboratory is the first niche brand whose products are made in Tahiti.

Heitumu, Jelly Scrub


In Tahitian, Heitumu means "HEI", the crown representing gratitude for the richness of Polynesian culture, and "TUMU", the roots, the evocation of the transmission to our descendants to describe the solidity of our origins.

With a fresh, light texture and a natural and sparkling color reminiscent of the plant materials used for Polynesian dance, this body and face scrub with coconut and lychee powder is rich in plant extracts and care oils.

Toriri, Fresh Body Scrub


A fresh, delicious and creamy scrub

In Tahitian, Toriri means a heady atmosphere. It's evocating freshness and energiszing rain from Tahiti.
With its light texture ans its green colour, it evoques vegatal carpets on trees.
This body scrub with sugar, tahitian vanilla powder and island white sandy is rich in care oils.

Iri Au, Protect Body Scrub


In Tahitian, Iri Au means a sublime skin, soften, smooth and well moisturizing.
This name mentions Skin Care ans Harmony with Nature between Maohi poeple and vegetal world.
Authentic apologia for loved skin, its flesh colour reveals the touching skin pleasure.