According to the writings of the Bible, Chinese textbooks and stories, Sandalwood has been used since at least 4000 years. The Egyptians were using it in medicine and in embalming rituals. Buddhists are also using it as incense in religious rituals. Read More 

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Moana Ora Massage Candle


Moana Ora : the celebration of life through massage.
It finds its meaning in the Welfare to Tahiti and the good life that takes its source in fenua.
inspired a passionate creator of beauty, Moana TAOFIFENUA, who offers a unique care experience

The assets :

• Composed of natural waxes at low melting point
• Rich in care oils
• Fruity and greedy perfume
• Contains original Monoï Care herbal Polynesian
• Contains bronze pigments that illuminate the candle and skin
• Original formulation (double use of room fragrance and care).