Dry White Pineapple - Manutea - 37.5CL
  • Dry White Pineapple - Manutea - 75Cl
  • Dry White Pineapple - Manutea - 37.5CL

Dry White Pineapple


Just like Sweet Pineapple Wine and the Brut Pineapple Wine, the Dry white wine from Manutea is developed according to traditional winemaking methods, it has the particularity of being derived from a must of pineapple and not from a must of grapes.

The fruit processing method is unique and natural.

Fits perfectly with fish preparations.


Dry White Pineapple : A marked, fruity and generous wine

The dress is reminiscent of standing pineapple with its green hues, but it quickly after bottling to become yellow that reminds of some liquoreux.
The nose is marked by the domination of Queen Tahiti, tinged with woody notes brought by barrel fermentation.
The attack on the palate is fresh and fruity.
A nice balance for the release during the tasting to end on a long and generous finish to recall the exceptional aromatic quality of pineapple Queen Tahiti.
10% vol.

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Data sheet

Pineapple winemaking
37.5 cl and 75 cl
Glass bottle
Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health, it impairs the behavior and prohibits the driving of a vehicle. To consume with moderation.

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